Mountain Bike Blow Hard Trail in Brian Head and Cedar City Utah

Trail: 7 miles point to point
Type: Singletrack
Level: Intermediate to Advanced (See video and you judge, I have seen beginners handle it with skills)
Elevation: Ascent 292′ Descent: -3,320′ High: 10,659′ Low: 7,599′
Grade: Avg Grade: 10% (5°) Max Grade: 37% (20°)
Dogs: Unkown
Shuttle Service: Brain Head Shuttle


A great single track ride with almost all decent.

Blow Hard for me is one of my favorite shuttle trails in Brian Head.

It starts off a bit steeper at the top, and features a wide variety of terrain, including smaller steep rock drops at the top, rock gardens, smooth flowy trails, etc. There are some B-lines, and anything to challenging can be bypassed by simply dismounting and walking it.

For those riders with a little more experience, it is one of those trails that allows you to ride as fast you can go!

Note anytime you come to a gate, open the gate and enter then lock it again behind you.

Most people shuttle it, but a few serious grinders will ride back to the top.

I assure you if you attempt this you better be in excellent shape.

Try combining Blow Hard with C-Trail, for an epic adventure.

If you love mountain biking, Blow Hard will be on your top 10 southern Utah mountain bike trails favorites list.